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Thank you for your interest in submitting research proposals to the IMA Research Foundation (IRF)! IRF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, educational organization formed in 1994 as an entity affiliated with IMA®, one of the largest and most respected associations focused exclusively on advancing the management accounting profession with a global network of about 130,000+ members in 150 countries and 350 professional and student chapters. The mission of IRF is to assist with the funding, development, and dissemination of timely research that assists accountants and financial professionals in their roles.

IRF is dedicated to funding relevant, thought-provoking research that furthers the knowledge and scope of accounting and financial management. All research projects funded by the IRF are evaluated based on their potential to contribute to the “body of knowledge” available to the members of IMA and the management accounting profession as a whole. To date, the Foundation has bestowed more than $2,000,000 USD in research grants to academics and doctoral students.

The grant programs under IRF include:

  • Academic Research Grant Program: The Academic Research Grant Program awards grants for innovative research proposals relating to primary management accounting activities such as decision support, planning, and control. We encourage submission of innovative research proposals in the area of accounting and finance by both academics and practitioners. The proposals should clearly communicate the purpose and scope of the proposed research project and how it relates to primary management accounting activities. There is no submission deadline for grant proposals under this program.
  • Doctoral Scholars Program: The Doctoral Scholars Program was created to prepare future management accounting educators and researchers for an evolving global business environment and increase the number of professors who teach and research in management accounting. The program will provide support for students at various stages in their doctoral education in accredited programs, enabling them to work on studies that will advance management accounting research and practice. There is no submission deadline for grant proposals under this program.
  • IMA Incubator Grant Program: The Incubator Grant Program awards grants of up to $5,000 to inexperienced researchers as well as experience researchers seeking to undertake a feasibility study as a preliminary to in-depth empirical research or with an idea/concept that they wish to develop. Projects under this program will typically last no longer than one year. The application deadline is January 31st.

Details of these programs and other relevant information can be found on the IRF website. Questions about the programs can be submitted to Dr. Susie Duong, Director of Research, at research@imanet.org.